Saturday, November 11, 2006

Meet Our Newest Editor Missy Sue

I have been crafting and creating all my life, although "prim" crafting came into my life about two years ago....and I was obsessed! Primitive crafting has become my favorite creative outlet and I thank my lucky stars everyday I found such a wonderful world of so many endless possibilities! I have an angel of a four year old son who keeps me on my toes everyday here in rural Missouri, he's taught me the most important lessons I'll ever learn. I believe in magic, in the beauty around us and try to capture it everyday in my creations and in my life. I'm as clumsy as an ox and tend not to take things very seriously, I'm silly and superstitous, but most of all I'm a goof.

"There are a few things, though, that I know for certain;
Always throw spilled salt over your left shoulder,
Keep rosemary by your garden gate,
Plant lavender for luck
and fall in love whenever you can."
~Practical Magic~

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