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July 2009 Issue is now Available

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May 2009 Issue is now ready!

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The April Issue is now available.

Our current issue of Primitive Times Magazine in now available for free you can download it from our site.

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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The latest issue of Primitive Times Magazine is here. In this issue we have a nice chat with our featured business Bittersweet Susan. Be inspired with our featured crafter connie Grigsby of Tinkets & Treasures and Bewitching Hollow. There are tons of recipes in this issue for your to enjoy and don't forget the free pattern from A Lit'l Bit Country and Primitives.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Prim Friends Network

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Each week a crafter will be featured and there will be a drawing for a give-a-way.
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Let's work together to promote crafting AND your business! Visit Prim Friends Network today!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Zoho Writer: FREE Program For PDF Files

A few pattern makers on a Prim Forum I belong to asked how they could turn their paper patterns into PDF files for Epatterns. I mentioned that I do mine on a FREE program called Zoho Writer. They checked out the link but were a little overwhelmed by the program. While I don't pretend to know everything about it, I have used it a number of times for my own e-patterns and wrote up some instructions on how I use it. If you are interested in reading them you are welcome to download the pdf : Creating E-Pattern PDF Files On Zoho

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Grubby Electric Candles

These grubby candles are fun to make! This is one of the first ones I made a few years back.
I picked up some old electric candles at yard sales and flea markets . Sometimes you can find them at dollar stores too.

I took some sandpaper and sanded down the candle, then painted it with brown acrylic paint. When it dried, I painted it with Mod Podge and then rolled it into a mixture of instant coffee, real coffee grounds, ground cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves.

When that was dried, I would paint on some more Mod Podge sporatically and 'drizzle' more cinnamon over that.
Once dried, I painted with another coat of Mod Podge to seal the coffee mixture.
I purchased a fluted candle pan and glued the candle to that with clear Liquid nails. I tried hot glue and didn't like the results. Didn't hold good enough.
I tied a strip of homespun around the base of the candle and attched some red pip berries. Then filled the candle pan with scented rosehips.
I replaced the bulb that came with the candle with a silicone coated bulb.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Featured Crafter

Susan Dean-Threadbare Primitives

By Denise Bailey

Please tell us a little bit about yourself 

 I am 49 years old and have been married for 28 years. No kids but lots of "fur babies". I have three "indoor" cats....Jinx, Chadwic, and Porter and one tiny four pound Chihuahua named Baxter. These are my kids and I spoil them rotten every waking moment. I guess you could say I am an animal lover. My husband and I also run a cat rescue center on our property for unwanted or abused cats.

 I live in a  beautiful old 85 year old farmhouse on 2 acres surrounded by trees, squirrels, and every kind of critter. I love to cook, read, go to auctions, and take care of my animals.


How long have you had your online shoppe?
I have been online with my website for about 4 years now. It has gone through many changes in those years and I am constantly updating it to keep it new and interesting. The latest thing I have added is my $4.99 epattern section. With the economy being a little tight I figured anyone can afford $4.99 for a pattern and not have to worry about spending the money.


How did you come up with the name Threadbare Primitives?
Well, when I started this business I did alot of extreme prim...which I love. I would sand those dolls till the stuffing showed....thus the name "Threadbare Primitives". Now I design everything from whimsical to extreme prim. I seem to go through phases.


How long have you been creating primitive and folkart patterns?
I have been sewing and crafting for 20 years but have only been creating patterns
for about 4 years. But I do enjoy stitching, punch needle, painting and working with clay. You name it and I have done it.


Is all your work done freehand or do you use a graphics program to draw out your patterns?
All of my patterns are drawn out freehand on a artists sketch pad. Then revised til they look the way I want. I don't think my dolls would have the same fe
el if I used a graphics program......I like the hands on approach.


How long have you been interested in drawing?  Did you take art classes?  Are you self taught?
I am a self taught artist. I design and draw every day. I try to do things that I am not entirely comfortable with in order to keep my edge and skill level up

What or who is your inspiration for the many wonderful patterns you create?
I love antiques and primitives, so anything old, rusty and with paint missing is right up my alley. I have always tried to make dolls and folk art that would fit into that decorating scheme. My whimsical dolls are just my attempt to be "just so darn cute". I guess I have a duel personality....I really try to design for all tastes.



How long would you say it takes you to create a new pattern, from beginning to end?
I have always been lucky. I just get an idea, draw it out, make the pattern and sew it up. I turn out 1-2 patterns every week which I think is good for my customers because they can visit my site and always see something new. It keeps them interested and inspired and always coming
 back for more. 

Do you make one pattern at a time or several before you introduce them into your shoppe?
No...I make a pattern and get it up on the site on the weekend. I try to stay consistent with

with that....if I miss a weekend I get email saying "Are you gonna have something new this week?" LOL....I LOVE my customers! They TOTALLY keep me on my toes....I really love every one of them!


I see you are now offering punch needle, applique & sampler patterns, is this new or have you had them all along?
I have had those patterns for a while now...I love making samplers and patterns a nd need to do more of them but I have been so busy with getting Fall and Halloween patterns in the works I have not had a chance. I will be doing more stitcheries though....the ones I have right now have been quite popular. They are very easy and can be finished in one evening.


What other venues besides your online shoppe do you offer your patterns for sale?  Which venue does best for your sales?
I currently sell through my own website, Ebay, and Prim Mart. I have also been honored to be on the front cover of "Homespun" magazine and have a pattern available within the pages and a lovely article written about my business


Do you sell your patterns wholesale?

 Yes, my patterns are available at wholesale pricing.
Threadbare Primitives Patterns are distributed and sold
throughout the USA as well as Australia, Italy and Canada
and through many finer Quilting and Needlework shops.


When you make an item to sell ( not the pattern) , do you make only one or do you make several?  For example: you make one item to use as the cover model for your patterns - sell that and you go on to the next pattern?
I have never made two of anything. The original creation serves as the model for the cover shot of the pattern jacket. That same model is then sold and I am on to the next idea.

Which type of pattern seems to be your best seller/s?
Right now I am selling alot of whimsical patterns...but then I have been focusing on that style for the last little while. I have about 175 patterns at the moment and I would say they break down half 'n half. Half are cute and whimsical and half are extreme prim. But...I have switched and have gone back to the prim style and have turned out some awesome black doll patterns with more coming.


Which type of pattern do 'you' have the most fun creating?
I love the extreme prim style though I am probably best known for my whimsical style. I love making and designing old black dolls and have released quite a few new black doll patterns over the past couple of months. I have alot more in the works too, so I will be concentrating on a more primitive style for a while.

Do you ever make something from your patterns to keep fo r yourself?
Unfortunately, no....everything I make, I sell. (Sigh)

Alot of gals out there often ask me what is the key to success in this business. Since my strength is in business and I come from a business background I could go on and on about the business end of things. But one thing I always stress is that if you want to make a living with your art form, then treat it like a job. In order to make a living "out there" in the private sector you are required to go to bed at a decent hour, set your alarm clock, wake up get dressed and go to work. You will work for 8 hours every day to earn your pay check. You will do that consistently every day for 5 days a week. If you do that with your craft, if you REALLY treat it like a job, you will be successful. So my advice to anyone either starting out or who just isn't having the success they desire is to treat this business as a business. AND NEVER EVER EVER give up!!!!!








July 2008 Issue

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Prim Web DesignsPrim Web Designs they just launched a great new DIY(do it yourself) Sitebuilder with built in shopping cart! This is great for WAHM's and Crafters who like a template based site with little to NO HTML knowledge! Or you can customize the templates to suite your needs! You OWN the Sitebuilder once installed so you never have to worry about your site if you move to a new host you take the program with you!!

To see a working sample of the Adminstration panel CLICK HERE
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How to add an Etsy Mini To your Blog or Myspace

Do you want to help promote your etsy account well a wonderful way to do this is with an Etsy Mini! A Etsy mini is simply a small showcasing of some of your products that you can add to your blog or site itself. Just follow this easy to follow instructions to add your Etsy Mini To your Site today!

1. Log into your Etsy account
2. In the left hand column you will see "Etsy Mini" click here
3. Now you need to choose whether you want to display items you are selling in your shop or items you love. After this you need to choose thumbnail photos or larger gallery views and how big you want your mini by choosing how many rows and columns.
4. After you have chose all of that you will see a box of coding they have created for you, highlight the code by taking your mouse and highlighting all the text and then right click and click on COPY
5. Now log into your site or blog or myspace and add your code and save and you are all done! You have now added a "Etsy Mini" to your site! Hope you get lots of sales!

Resizing your photos for Ebay and Etsy

Have you been looking for ways to crop your photos because they are too large to use for your website, ebay or etsy? And you are just not techincally inclined? Well I came across this great video that will you walk you through the easiest way to crop your photos! Enjoy