Sunday, November 12, 2006

AD:Link Popularity

What is the best way to link popularity on the web? Google is a great way to improve your website popularity but understanding Google can be very confusing. Google is the number one search engine currently and drives the most traffic to websites, so it is adviced that you concentrate your advertising on marketing with Google.

Google looks at several factors when advertising sites on their search engines such as, link popularity. Google also uses a page ranking system which shows you how your site ranks in the Google data base. One of the most important factors Google looks for when is link popularity! Meaning how many sites are linking back to your site. Google will weight more importantance on a site that has 1000 links versus a site that has a 100 links. Google also looks at where your links are, how you have them arranged, your meta tags for each page and keywords.

Therefore it is a good idea to receive links to diffrent sections of your websites, offering popularity for more than just your front opening page.

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