Saturday, November 11, 2006

Meet Our Newest Editor Brenda


My name is Brenda not Hattie!

Hattie is my husband's grandmothers name! Why did I call my site after her?

I started by carving Santa's. I didn't think any one would want to buy a carved Santa from a Brenda! So I started to sign Hattie to my work. After 15 years of selling my crafts in 3 stores and setting up at 8 shows a years! I developed an allergy to wood dust. Needing a creative outlet, I started by creating a newsletter for two of the stores I sold my crafts too. This later developed into starting my first Web site. Well I got tired of buying clip art that didn't really link and not having the graphics that I wanted! So why not make my own!!! So here I am 4 years later drawing graphics and designing websites for others!

This year I started Country Primitive Marketplace a place where Crafters, and Hobbyists who have gathered together to bring you Hand Made goodies from the heart!!!

Thanks and God Bless

Brenda/aka Hattie

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