Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Valentines Day From Fun to Sexy

Valentines Day is right around the corner and it time for love and romance in the air. As I sat pondering about the "Most Romantic Day of the Year" I was trying to think of fun and creative ways you can show your love to your loved one with out breaking the bank. Here are some fun and cute ideas you can use on your loved one.

1-Valentine Card-You do not need to be artistic to create your own Romantic Valentine Card. Gather old newspapers, and Magazines, Vintage Cards and Postcardds. Cut out words and phrases that can be combined to make a romantic , sexy, or funny Valentine Card. To add some texture and color and romance decorate with Roses petals, glitter, buttons, and more!

2-Song-Go back to our high school years and dedicate a romantic song to your loved one.

3-Coupon Book-The old Coupon book of love, Give your sweetie a coupon for a free back rub, or his favorite home cooked meal. Or volunteer to be his love slave for a day or two or even offer to take out trash one week. You could make this as romantic and sexy as you want it.

4- Prolong Valentines Day-Buy 7 small valentine tokens or gifts. Wrap each of them separately along with a special little love note to go with each one about why you love them. Give one to your love every day leading up to the big day!

5-Memory Valentine-Make your valentines extra special by gathering memorabilia of your time together, such a something from the fist place your met, or a first place you kissed, a GFC to your favorite restraunt, A CD of your song together, Pictures of when you first started dating in a scrapbook, and loving note taking him down memory lane.

6-Night of Romance-When you hubby comes home have all the lights out but a small dim light coming from your bedroom, you could even light a trail of rose petals on the floor leading your loved one to the bedroom. Have a hot bubble bath waiting a glass of champagne or have a romantic dinner for two waiting and some soft mood music!

7-Valentine's Scavenger Hunt-Lead your lover on a FUN scavenger hunt leaving clues all around the house until they find their Valentines present. An alternative to this to leave clues one each day for the first 6 days leading up to Valentines day then on the seventh day leave the final clue.

I hope you have enjoyed these fun Valentines Day gift ideas. Remember Valentines day is only day a year, show your loved you love them every day.


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Sean Carter said...

Hey you really got some great ideas up your sleeve....thanks for sharing with us...really enjoyed reading through them....these ideas would surely make anyone's Valentines Day celebration one to remember...well hey i've also included a few posts on Valentines Day over at my blog so drop by sometime and find out all the ideas and suggestions i've posted...and while you're at it do share your thoughts!!!