Saturday, January 06, 2007


Product Reviews

One of the NEW Features on Primitive Times Magazine is we will be offering PRODUCT REVIEWS. On all kind of Prim and Craft related items. What does this mean for you?

Means we will happily review ANY product you want to send our way from Candles, Tarts, Ornies, Baked Goods, Etc. Anything you want review we will do our best to portray a FAIR and HONEST opinion of your product.

We will then send you are review before posting it in our magazine and on our website. Once we receive your approval your review will go up for all to see. We will also send you a small logo to display on your front page stating one of your products was reviewed by Primitive Times Magazine. With the thousands of readers we are generating a month this is wonderful FREE advertising about your product and your site. Please read below if you would like for us to conduct a review:


1-You are responsible for shipping the item to the reviewer that is chosen for you.

2-The reviewer will contact you as soon as the product has arrived at their home and will give you an estimated time of when they will have their review ready.

3-We promise to be FAIR and HONEST and impartial in our reviews of your product and you will have a chance to accept or reject our review. If accepted we will post the review along with a photo of the product and link to your site in our next issue of Primitive Times Magazine and also in our Product Review column on our website.

4-We ask that in return you post our small button on your front page and link it to your product review.

Are you ready to get your product reviewed?

Click here to sign up today

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