Friday, January 05, 2007

Raising Your Family and Your Home Business

Being a working Mom is a tough job, trying to juggle your home life with your work life can be like juggling at times. When you start to feel like you just do not have enough hours in the day to devote to everyone and everything, what do you do?

With a little organizing and time management, you can have that family time that you are struggling to achieve and still have time to keep your business running smoothly. A great key to running your online business is to involve your family in helping run your business. For example your children could help you package boxes, or help you seal envelopes or help you shop for supplies, this allows them to feel important and also gives you extra quality time with your children.

The most important thing to remember while juggling your home life and business life, is you took your online job or business in order to spend more time with your family. As hard as it may be at times to peel yourself away from that computer, your family also need and deserve your attention.

One of the tricks I have used in my household is while my children are in the showers in the morning and getting ready for school I will check my email, for pending orders or questions from customers. After my children are downstairs my time is theirs until they head off to school to catch up on important things they may be doing in school that day, or things going on in their personal life.

Once they are out the door I divide my time from 8:00 am between working on the computers and still getting in that occasional load of laundry or dishes in the sink. You know us mothers always multi tasking lol Next I will stop for a brief lunch and relax with some TV or reading, then I am back to the computer from 1:00 pm till the kiddos come home from school, from the time my children walk in the door until they head off to bed I try very hard not to get on my computer at all. This is family time, time for me to catch up on things happening in school and their lives, and time to catch up with my husband. This is not to say there are not the occasional nights when I am so behind that I have to work on the computer but I always try to wait until they are in bed, then I can get in another two hours or so of work.

Try to keep things in your home running smoothly with a schedule, such as dinner will be served each night between 6-6:30 pm so the children and family are in a routine. Make sure to schedule time to include your daily chores that need to be done in with your work schedule or before you know it you have 10 piles of laundry waiting for you and dust bunnies over running your home.

By including your children in your new online venture and by also allowing them the time they need, your life at home should be a smooth sailing. The key to working from home and balancing a family is to make sure your family comes first, your email will still be there waiting for you in the morning, and if most of your customers will understand and respect you for putting your family first.

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