Friday, January 05, 2007

Are You Providing Good Customer Service? By Angie Wenke

As with any company or business you are trying to run and be successful at, Good Customer Service is the key to your success. As any new small business owner who is starting out on the internet knows, creating your website and search engine submission is a key role in your success, equally important is how you treat your incoming customers. So the question is you giving your customers the best possible Customer Service?

So often I have ordered from sites that offer handmade products had to wait and extremely long time for my order, with little to no communication from the owner on where my order was. With most Primitive and Country sites you offer handmade products such as handmade dolls, or hand poured candles or ornies or Country signs. All of these take time to create and a lot of them are custom made to your customer, be sure on your site you let your customers know an approximate order time.
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