Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thirteen Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Blog

A lot of online business woman
take for granted the benefits a blog has to their business, and a lot of them
choose not to use a blog because they simply can't see the benefit it has to
them and their business.

Well in this article you will learn thirteen very important reasons why your
business needs a blog!

1. Networking - Blogs are a great way to build relationships and networking with
those looking for your services and/or goods.

2. Information - Blogs are also a great way to get information out about the
products or services you sell!

3. Fun - Blogging is a great way to build your business while having fun. Really
it doesn’t even feel like work!

4. Affordable - Sometimes having a blog can be more affordable to get set up
than having a website. 1. Because the Wordpress Blogging platform is free to
install on your own hosting and domain, and 2. you don’t need expensive software
like Frontpage or Dreamweaver to maintain your blog.

5. Easy Maintenance - Using blogging platforms like Wordpress and the like make
it so much easier to add content to your website, through the art of categories
and the like, you can easily organize your content and make it easier for your
visitors to find what they are looking for and therefore encouraging them to
stay and visit for awhile!

6. Friends - While you are networking you can also make friends!

7. Interactive - With blogs you can be more interactive with your visitors by
making posts, asking for comments, and then replying to the comments, all
through your Wordpress admin dashboard! You can’t do that with a “regular”

8. Easy RSS - It is super easy to create an RSS feed with a blog which means
more readers for your blogs!

9. Plug Ins - Plug ins add value to your blog by making it possible for you to
host podcasts on your blog, and even generate Google sitemaps too! With regular
websites you would either need to know alot about javascript, and a whole lot of
code mumbo jumbo, but with Plug Ins all you have to do is intall, configure, and
have fun! So much easier, and so much more fun!

10. More Search Engine Traffic - With the write Wordpress template and plug ins
- your traffic will be streaming in no time at all.

11. Flexibility - With Wordpress you have the flexibility to create posts,
pages, and you even have the control over what appears on your home page (like a
sticky post or even a specific page) which provides you with the flexibility to
either create more of a blogging type website, or a static type website.

12. Community/Partnerships - Wordpress blogs are a great way to create community
blogs! So say you have a team of employees, or business partners, Wordpress
makes the ability to have multiple authors of the blog seamless, which is a
great way for your team to grow their business!

13. Perfect - All around Wordpress is the perfect choice for you and your
business, by giving you the opportunity to communicate with your guests and to
help build strong relationships that will in turn help you grow your business.
No business should be without a blog, period!

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Article Written By:
Heather Bixler is the owner and Lead Designer at
Girly Blog Designz

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