Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Baby is Growing Up!!!

OK don't laugh! But I had a OLD POOR ME DAY! LOL My daughter turned sixteen two weeks ago but thanks to dear old mom who lost her social security card we had to wait to get her drivers liscense until TODAY! Ok not only am I feeling OLD and everything but you know what today meant! It meant my baby is growing up! UGH

So needless to say I was the proper Mom no crying at the DMV while my daughter is taking her tests! OH No I would not want to embaress my teenager! Mom sat there with tissue hiding in her hand trying not to cry! I am not even joking I saw 7 kids in there getting their drivers licenses and all of us Moms had that look! The look of OH GOD MY Car Insurance rates just jumped through the roof! And OH GOD My baby is NOT a baby anymore! lol lol

The lady next to me her son was in my daughters drivers ed class! She said I guess this means that we have to let them grow a little bit today doesnt it! NOW My insides are YELLING NO NOT MY BABY!! But she was right!!

So after she passed her test and with drivers license in hand we headed home! Where MOM being the pillar of strength that I was (as my knees were quivering) handed over the treasured keys! And said "Katie go have some fun and show off your drivers licenses to some of your friends!" Ok now I just earned myself the "Cool Mom" award right????

Now mind you while she was gone (a whole two hours LOL) I had to call her at least 4 times to make sure she was still alive, the car was in one piece, and that she was behaving! LOL Not too much of a mother hen was I?

So needless to say my daughter made it home in one piece! With drivers license in hand! And a nervously waiting Mom patiently waiting for her! So round one goes to Mom!! Now comes tomorow! She is going to be driving around filling out job applications! MY BABY GETTING A JOB!! Say it isnt so!!

Lord help I need a NICE hot bubble bath! LOL LOL

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Dani' said...

Mine started middle school this year. Oh what I have to look forward to! LOL