Friday, March 02, 2007

Our March 2007 E-Zine Has Just Been Released and It's FABULOUS!

The March 2007 FREE Primitive Times Magazine E-Issue was just released and we have to tell you that it's our BIGGEST and BEST issue ever. In fact, it's downright FABULOUS.

There's a TON of GOODIES inside! And we do mean a TON! And, they are all FABULOUS! We know you're waiting on one foot to hear what's inside so we won't keep you in suspense any longer.

The FREE March 2007 issue of Primitive Times Magazine (i.e. e-zine) is "Hot Off The Presses!" and ready for for you to download and you're going to love it.

It's jam packed with 33 pages of terrific information for crafters, small business, and website owners.

Just look at what's included:

FREE Patterns

  • Chickie E-Stitchery by Paula of Rusty Pins and Old Lace

  • Primitive Standing Rabbit E-Pattern by Paula

  • Cats In The Barn - LIL Black Cat E-Pattern

  • Love Can't Fall Out E-Stitchery by Vintage Artists

  • Cracked Egg E-Stitchery by Heartland Graphics

  • A Touch Of The Blarney, Easter Egg, and Easter Bunny E-Stitcheries by Olde-Time Stitchins

    FREE Crafting Tips

  • Wax Seal by Renae of Prim Clipper

  • Rusting Items by Debbie

  • It's Bunny Time by Brenda

  • Salt Dough Recipes by Angie Wenke

  • FREE Crafting Ideas and Projects

  • Prim Sheep by Renae

  • Pomander Balls by Renae

  • Easter Decoupage Eggs by Wanda

  • Easy Mason Jar Electric Light by Denise Bailey (aka NeeNee)

  • Getting Creative With Your Kids for Easter - Dyeing Easter Eggs by Lisa Lowell
  • How To Make Prim Grungy Tags by Angie Wenke

  • St. Patrick's Day Shamrocks by Debbie

  • Great Jar Mixes by Angie Wenke

  • FREE Articles

  • A Pupil, A Teacher, and The Crafting Community by Linda Walsh

  • Trademarking: What it Is and Should You Consider It? by Lisa Lowell

  • How To Design a Print Pattern and E-Pattern - Part 2 by Linda Walsh

  • Tips On Opening a Brick and Mortar Store by Nancie

  • Tips On Being A Vendor In a Craft Show by Angie

  • Website Content and Search Engines: Wording Is Key by Lisa Lowell

  • Meet Our Special Sponsor - Talena Bacon by Angie Wenke

  • St. Patrick's Day Dinner by Kassy

  • FREE Graphics and Printables

  • E-Graphics from Paula of Rusty Pins and Old Lace

  • FREE Recipes

  • Making Bread The Easy Way by Paula

  • No Knead Breadsticks by Joan Bruchu

  • Hawaiian Bread

  • Super Duper Cake

  • Product Review

  • Prim Silicone Bulb Shoppe - Reviewed by Angie Wenke

  • Featured Crafter

  • Sheila of The Candle Buzz, Gramma Fran's Attic, Gramma Fran's Fixins, and The Rusty Rooster

  • Front Page Picture Donor

  • Homespun Country

  • Primitive Times Magazine Articles

  • Do You Have A Prim Home? We Want You! by Angie Wenke

  • Sign-Up For CO-OP Ad In Create & Decorate

  • How You Can Be In Primitive Times Magazine! by Angie Wenke

  • It's filled to the brim with wonderful how-to's, ideas and articles. You definitely don't want to miss our BIGGEST issue ever!

    And, you can DOWNLOAD IT RIGHT HERE!

    Copyright © 2007 - All Rights Reserved - Written By Linda Walsh of Linda Walsh Originals, Linda Walsh Originals E-Patterns, and Linda's Blog. Linda is a doll maker and doll pattern designer.

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