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Easter egg Decorating Fun by Angela Wenke

Easter egg Decorating Fun by Angela Wenke

Easter is such a wonderful time of the year, with all the beautiful flowers in bloom, families coming together to celebrate the holiday that I thought I would share some fun, and creative egg decorating ideas. All of these techniques can be used whether you are working alone or with the help of your children. So sit back enjoy a cup of coffee and enjoy these fun and wonderfully easy Easter egg Techniques.

Masking Tape Eggs


*Hard Boiled Eggs (dried and cooled)

*Masking Tape

*Craft Knife

*Food Coloring or Egg Dye

*Push Pins

*Cardboard Pieces

*Paper Towels


*Plastic Gloves (optional)


1. Start by boiling your eggs and then allow them to cool and dry completely before starting your project.
2. While your eggs are cooling and drying you can make egg stands for our eggs to dry on, by simply folding pieces of cardboard into a triangle shape and securing with push pins. Make sure to test your egg stands by placing an egg on top, to make sure your egg stand can with stand the weight of the egg.
3. Now place your egg into your first color choice, it is usually best to dye your egg at this point in the lighter of the two shades. As this will be the shade that will show once we remove our masking tape. Now allow to dry.
4. Now we are ready for our second color. Next, simply cut different widths of masking tape approximately 10 inches in length using your craft knife. You can even cut curves into your masking tape or different shapes to add a unique feel to your eggs. Try to keep your tape no wider than ¼ inch to keep a uniformed look on your egg.
5. Now choose which colors you will be using on your egg, it is best to keep it simply with just two colors until you become more experienced.
6. Next, apply your strips to your egg, you can use any design you want. Such as having a center point at the top of your egg that all your strips start from, or be creative and use a plaid design. Your imagination has no bounds in this creative project.
7. Once you have applied all the strips of masking tape to your egg, simply dip into the dye mixture. You may want to dip several times to achieve a uniform color and richness of color. Then simply tap dry with a paper towel and place on top of our egg stands to dry.
8. Once your egg is completely dry, carefully remove your masking tape one strip at a time.
9. Your egg is complete! Now if you would like to add a professional touch and make your egg stand out by adding a gloss to your egg you will want to use polyurethane. Simply dip your finger into the polyurethane with your gloved hand, and spread it around your egg. Be gentle as to not crack your egg, and be sure your egg is completely covered and place back onto the egg stand to dry.
10. At this point you could also add a second coat of polyurethane to insure an even coating and higher gloss. And that is it your egg is complete!

Easy Techniques for Decorating:

There are many fun ways to add some texture or a different design to your normal colored Easter eggs. Inside this article I will share some fun and easy tips.

Bubble Packaging Eggs:

Take a hard boiled egg uncolored and let’s add some paint the fun way! Simply take bubble wrap and paint onto your bubble wrap some acrylic paint in color of your choice, now simply roll your egg over the bubble wrap for a fun and creative texture on your egg. You add stripes of different colors or make a tie die effect. This is super simple and it leaves a wonderfully unique design.

Thumbprint Eggs:

This is a fun one for the kids, allow the kids to apply thumbprints in different colors of acrylic paint. This can create a mosaic look to your eggs this year.

Dripped On Eggs:

Take a colored Easter egg and let’s add some fun to our design. Simply take a paint brush dipped in acrylic paint and drip streams of paint or dots of paint all over your egg. This will give your eggs a unique retro design that will be sure to impress.

Light Bulb Sleeve Eggs:

The Sleeves that protect your light bulbs have wonderful ridges that are so much fun to decorate your eggs with. Simply open your sleeve and lay it flat to expose the bumpy ridges and cover in acrylic paint of your choice, and roll your egg over the ridges. This makes a wonderful fence design if you would like to paint a spring garden.

I hope you have enjoyed these super easy ideas for adding a bit of fun and spice to your ordinary Easter eggs this season.


Angie Wenke is the owner-designer of Heartland Graphics and Heartland Marketplace.

"I started in the craft community by offering crafts of my own I started selling gift baskets and some handmade unique crafts of my own. That is how I met such wonderful crafters, then I started my first site Heartland Marketplace which has been a huge success! Then I started created graphics which has been my true passion and I started Heartland Graphics!"

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