Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Gourd Bird House or Bird Feeder

Gourd Bird Houses and Bird Feeders are a great way to take your natural resources and make something fun and creative! Here is a simple idea to create a great looking Bird House or Bird Feeder.

1.Drill gourd. Use a craft knife, razor knife, or hole-saw attachment for your drill to create the openings for birds. One hole makes it a birdhouse. Four holes make it a bird feeder

2. Add perches. To make a spot for perches, drill a hole the diameter of a wooden rod or peg under each bird entry.

3. Finish. Apply glue to the lip of the perch hole and insert the pegs into the holes. More glue can be applied to the contact area of the perch and gourd inside the feeder. To hang the feeder, add a small eye hook on top or drill a minute hole for a piece of wire.

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This article was written by Angie Wenke owner of Heartland Marketplace, Primitive Times Magazine, Heartland Graphics, Heartland Vintage Graphics

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