Monday, February 05, 2007

What's In Our February 2007 Issue? Lots and Lots of Goodies!

The February 2007 FREE Primitive Times Magazine E-Issue was just released and you might be wondering what's inside. Well, there's a TON of GOODIES inside!

The FREE February 2007 issue of Primitive Times Magazine (i.e. e-zine) is "Hot Off The Presses!" and ready for for you to download and you're going to love it.

It's jam packed with 29 pages of terrific information for crafters, small business, and website owners.

Just look at what's included:

FREE Patterns

  • FREE Valentine Hugs E-Doodle from Heartland Graphics

  • FREE Kindred Spirits E-Doodle from Olde-Time-Stitchin

  • FREE Fluffy Tail Bunny Pattern from Cats In The Barn

  • FREE Valentine Crow Poke Pattern by Debbie

  • FREE Flower Vase E-Doodle from Olde-Time-Stitchin

  • FREE Spring Thyme E-Doodle from Niki Jackson

  • FREE Sweetheart Pillow by Paula

  • FREE Ewe Are Special E-Doodle by Heartland Graphics

  • FREE Crafting Ideas

  • Make Your Own Mouse Pads by Wanda

  • Valentines Day Gift Certificates Printable

  • Valentine's Day Edible Bouquet

  • Rocks for Your Valentine by Dianne

  • Smelly Jellies

  • FREE Articles

  • When One Door Closes Part 2 by Missy Sue

  • Winter Tyme Blues By Brenda

  • Have You Upgraded to IE7 and Wishing You Hadn't by Nancie

  • How To Design an E-Pattern and a Print Pattern Part 1 by Linda

  • Happy Valentine's Day From Linda

  • Cupid By Dianne

  • Getting Creative With Advertising by Lisa

  • Reflecting With Nancie

  • Goal Setting for 2007 by Angie

  • FREE Graphics and Printables

  • FREE Valentine's Day Gift Certificates Printable

  • 8 FREE Graphics by Heartland Graphics

  • FREE Recipes

  • Valentine Hearts Cookies

  • Kids-adillas

  • BLT-quesadilla

  • Renae's Cherry Chocolate Dump Cake

  • Aunt Margaret's Sugar Cookies With Paula

  • Hearthside Coffee

  • Edible Valentine's Grahams

  • Love Portion

  • Heart Shaped Cookies by Brenda

  • Product Review

  • Seneca Pond Lamp Reviewed by Brenda

  • Featured Crafter

  • Carrie from Prim Market

  • Front Page Picture Donor

  • Debbie's Valentine Crow Poke Pattern from Two Old Crows

  • It's filled to the brim with wonderful how-to's, ideas and articles. You definitely don't want to miss ALL THE GOODIES!

    And, you can DOWNLOAD IT RIGHT HERE!

    Copyright © 2007 - All Rights Reserved - Written By Linda Walsh of Linda Walsh Originals, Linda Walsh Originals E-Patterns, and Linda's Blog. Linda is a doll maker and doll pattern designer.

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