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Meet Our Newest Editor - Denise Bailey (aka NeeNee) from KKL Primitives

As mentioned in our previous post we have two brand new editors at Primitive Times Magazine - Kassy from Prim Country Market and Denise Bailey from KKL Primitives. Both individuals are very talented and creative business women and we are thrilled to have both of them as contributing editors.

We already told you about Kassy from Prim Country Market. Now we'd like to tell you about Denise Bailey (aka NeeNee) from KKL Primitives.

Denise is affectionately called NeeNee by all her online friends and she has been on a whirlwind of activity during the last year. NeeNee has set-up so many blogs and websites that she's giving both Angie and I a run for our money. Personally, I think she's got her eye on my "The Blogging Queen" crown. But, she'll have to fight Angie for it first. Then again, she may just have to fight me for it. I'm not sure I'm ready to give it up yet. Hmmm.....

Denise has accomplished quite a lot in the past year. Between websites, crafting, blogging, traveling, and her family she's had a lot to do. I'd suggest that she take a break, but I'm afraid Mrs. Hyde will appear.

You see, Mrs. Hyde is NeeNee's alter ego on her "Menopausal Monster" blog and she can be very devious at times. If you are of the "menopausal" age then you definitely want to bookmark NeeNee's "Menopausal Monster" blog. It's hilarious. NeeNee always adds her comic touch to every article and is a very talented and gifted writer.

But, NeeNee has a lot more going on than just her "Menopausal Monster" blog. She has her main website KKLPrimitives which sells primitive & country handcrafted dolls and decor and her eBay website The Krazy Kraft Lady which sells crafts and collectibles.

She also is an accomplished blogger. I already mentioned her "Menopausal Monster" blog above which is "A Day In The Life Of A Menopausal Woman" Well, she has many more than just that. There's her main blog called The Krazy Kraft Lady which has all sorts of posts about NeeNee's various crafting projects and dolls. Did I mention she was a gifted crafter and doll maker?

Then there's her KKL Graphics blog which contains all sorts of wonderful FREE graphics and FREE tutorials. Did I mention NeeNee was a talented graphic artist?

Then there's her KKL Kreations blog which offers "Free & Low Cost Advertising Options." Did I mention that NeeNee has wonderful ideas for helping small business crafters to promote their businesses?

She also has a KKL Kreations2 website that also offers "Free & Low Cost Advertising, free graphics, websets, & more."

And, if all of that isn't enough - she has her Unique Boutique Group which is an MSN group where you can "Create Your Own Graphics", her Tubes4Us Group which has free PSP Tubes, and her Neenee's Tubes- PSP Tube Depot where you can get "Free PSP Tubes created by Neenee." Did I happen to mention that NeeNee is a gifted artist?

I told you that NeeNee was a whirlwind of activity last year - didn't I?

Here's what NeeNee had to say about herself:

I'm a 54 year old wife, mom and gramma from Western Pennsylvania. I've been married to my soul mate for 33 years, we have 3 beautiful grown daughters ages 33, 30 and 25 and 3 gorgeous grandbabies, ages 7 years, 3 years and 2 months.

I've loved to craft ever since I was a child, and as a young mom I would craft things for myself, family and friends. I was bit by the primitive bug two years ago and ventured into selling my crafts at local craft shows. This area however, doesn't seem to appreciate primitive crafts like I do, so I came to the www to see if I could reach a larger audience. I opened my eBay Store, The Krazy Kraft Lady and haven't done too badly, and by accident came across a Prim crafting forum where most everyone had an online store. I wanted one too! I opened my little shoppe, KKL Primitives in April of 2006 and while I have sold a few things, I've not yet hit the big time, lol.

The other editors and I are thrilled to have NeeNee as a new contributing editor. She has a terrific sense of humor which will fit in really, really well with the terrific group of editors we have on Primitive Times Magazine.

Welcome aboard, NeeNee.

Oh, buy the way, if Mrs. Hyde behaves we may let her join, too!

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