Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Our Primitive Times Magazine Forum Has Had A Make-Over!!!

We got an anonymous letter the other day with a strange request. The letter was addressed to "All The Editors At Primitive Times Magazine" and was a request for HELP.

HELP, we thought?

Who needed HELP?

Well, it seems someone felt that our Primitive Times Magazine Forum was in desperate need of HELP. Someone thought it needed a pick-me-up, a fresh-look, a new-dew, new duds, in other words - a make-over.

Well, we all mulled that over and decided that maybe the forum did need a make-over. Maybe it was run down (although we couldn't understand that as the forum is still pretty new), needed some new duds (or in the forum's case - new graphics), and needed a bright, fresh, cheery and inviting appearance.

It also needed someone who would always be in the forums corner. Someone to always look out for the forum. Someone to be the "cheerleader." Someone who was creative, imaginative, and just plain "FUN!" We all thought - who better than Lisa? Lisa should be the cheerleader. RAH-RAH Sis-Cum-BAH! CONGRATS, Lisa.

So, our Primitive Times Magazine Forum has had its' make-over. We've revamped, reshuffled, re-aligned, and re-furbished our Primitive Times Magazine Forum.

It is now jam packed with new sections, new graphics, new colors, new images, and best of all - IT HAS BLINKIES!!!!. There are so many new features and sections to the forum now that it's hard to tell it all in one post. But, we'll try.

So, here's our new and/or revamped sections:

Welcome - We are so glad that you came over and joined us! Please feel free to join in!!!

What's New - The latest goings-on!

NEW Contests and Games - We're going to have CONTESTS - Plenty of CONTESTS! Come inside and find the latest Contests and Games to play!

Prim Chat - Here is where you can chat about any thing that you like!!

Joke Central - Share a funny email or jokes you have received!

Movies and TV Chat - Come chat about all your favorite TV Shows and keep up to date on shows you might of missed!

Photo Corner - Please post and share your family photos in here!

Blogger Central - Keep us informed on the new stuff going on in your blogs!

Auction Fun - Do you have auctions going on eBay or Auction Haus, or other auction sites? List your information inside!

FREE Graphics for our Forums - PLEASE only use the graphics on this message board they are brought to you FREE by Heartland Graphics and Heartland Vintage Graphics.

Garage Sale Heaven - Do you have craft items or household items cluttering your home? List your items for sale here!**We are not responsible for trades or sales that fall through**

Freebie Heaven - Who doesn't like freebies! Post those freebies you find here!

Craft Corner (5 sub-boards) - Wonderful Crafts that we love to make and share!

a) Tole Painting Crafts - Place your Tole Painting Crafts Inside
b) Scrapbooking Crafts - Post your Scrapbooking Crafts and Ideas Inside
c) Country Crafts - Post your Country Crafts Inside
d) Sewing Crafts - Post your Sewing and Quilting Crafts Inside
e) Holiday Crafts - Post your Holiday Crafts Inside

Recipes (6 sub-boards) - Great Recipes that you just have to try!

a) Appetizer Recipes - Place your appetizer recipes inside
b) Beverages - Place your Coffee, Hot Tea's, Coco's and Drink Recipes Inside
c) Crock Pot Recipes - Place your Crock Pot Recipes Inside!
d) Main Dish Recipes - Place your Main Dish Recipes Inside
e) Quick Recipes - Place those recipes that take 30 minutes or less inside
f) Side Dish Recipes - Place your Side Dish Recipes Inside

Gardening Tips -Post your gardening tips here!

Sewing Tips and Techniques - Leave your sewing and stitchery tips and techniques here!

Photo Submission - Do you have a photo you would like to share?

Staff Cafe - For STAFF only to chat, submit your articles, and share ideas

Feb. Issue - Let us know what you think about out latest issue and if you would like to see anything added to upcoming issues!

Our Staff's Sites - Come inside and see all sites of our wonderful staff of editors~ See all the deals and specials they have going on~

Submit Your Ideas For Issues - Have any great ideas that you would like to see in our next issue! Please feel Free to share it with us!

Advertising On Primitive Times Magazine - Come inside to learn about advertising on Primitive Times Magazine.

Leave Your Link - Add your link to your website and/or eBay!

Sound Off - Post your upcoming sales or specials here! Once weekly please NO SPAM

Top Sites and Newsletters - Do you offer a FREE topsite or Newsletter?

Boy, that's a lot.

We told you it was jam packed.

So, pop on over to our revamped Primitive Times Magazine Forum and let us know what you think.

Copyright © 2007 - All Rights Reserved - Written By Linda Walsh of Linda Walsh Originals, Linda Walsh Originals E-Patterns, and Linda's Blog. Linda is a doll maker and doll pattern designer.

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