Saturday, December 23, 2006

Who is on your Christmas shopping list? by MissySue

Who is on your Christmas shopping list? The kids, your spouse, mom and dad.....and I'm sure it goes on and on.

I bet you've forgotten one person, though. The one person that shows you support, guidance and is always there for you; Yourself!

I've never put myself on my Christmas list and to tell the truth a couple months back I would've thought that a little ridiculous. In all my Christmas' past I've never given myself one single thought . I find that odd now, when before I would've found it selfish to even think I deserved a space on that huge list.

Now I value myself, the support I'm trying (sometimes succeeding) to give myself everyday, the love I'm pouring into my work , my desires. The dedication I'm showing in order to achieve my dreams. I'm on that long and hard, but rewarding journey towards self-love.

So, this year while writing my list, in the middle of the page I suddenly remembered that I had been secretly longing to take painting classes for over a year and aching for new supplies for my crafting. For a moment I was surprised and a little ashamed that I would think of myself while I was supposed to be writing down great gifts for friends and family.

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