Saturday, December 23, 2006


I don't know how it is at your house, but around here, on the day after Thanksgiving, the mom's go shopping, and the little ones decend upon Meme's house to make their yearly "surprises" for mom and dad, and help Meme design some great Christmas ornaments.

Since we have baked our ornaments the weekend before, they are all dry and ready to go. Early in the morning they get out my button box, beads, glitter, paint, sealer, glue, and rolls of ribbons and holiday picks. They drag out 5 large plastic storage bins full of Christmas craft supplies. They're treasure chests for the grandkids, and they spend the first hour going through everything, thinking up ideas, trading great finds with each other, and setting up their work space where no one can see what they are doing. The "priceless masterpieces" are about to be started! We decided to share our favorite ornie receipes, and give you some hints on how to make the "GREATEST" ornies ever!

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