Sunday, October 08, 2006

Meet our Editor Paula

All About Paula

Hello name is Paula and I'm the owner of 'Rusty Pins and Old Lace'.
I've been married for almost 20 years now to my wonderful husband Alan. He is the 'wood worker' behind the scenes of 'Rusty Pins'. Together we have 3 children....and our 1st. grandbaby expected in early spring 2007. I'm not ready to be called 'Grandma' yet.....but I do love the idea of having another reason to shop!!
'Rusty Pins and Old Lace' was started 2 years ago with a dream of sharing my hand mades. I fell in love with extreme primitive a few years back, and being a crafter from the time I could walk....decided to try my hand at it. It's been a wonderful passion since. The more extreme....grungy...dirty...and holes it has...the more I love it!!
My true goal for starting 'Rusty Pins and Old Lace' was to put smiles in people's hearts. I hope I never get to old to do just that.
I feel so blessed to be among this group of awesome women. I hope that I'm able to inspire you to grow, craft, and enjoy your love for life with the ideas I share with you in this magizine.
Thank you and Sweet Blessin's to you always.

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