Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas by Angela Wenke

Today I thought since Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching
it might be a great timet o start talking about how to decorate your home and
table for the holidays! The great thing about Thanksgiving is that a lot of the
decorations can be for FREE and found in just the outdoor elements such as
gourds and pumpkins and leaves and acorns and so one!


If you are in a quick pinch and need a simple centerpiece
idea you can take either treenware bowls or vintage pots and pans and line them
down the center of your dining table and then taking fresh fruits, leaves,
acorns, ghords, squashes, cinnamon sticks, mini pumpkins and dried flowers you
can fill with a beautiful assortment of fall autumns! And you cost you next
nothing to create but it will fill your house with beautiful autumn colors and
textures and scents.

Want to add some pizzaz to your candles for your
Thanksgiving dinner? Take a couple of pillar candles in white or autumn colors
and some floral wire and autumn leaves and you are on your way to a fancy
display! Using tall pillar candles of any width put autumn leaves on the sides
of the candles so that it forms a nice row of leaves around the base of the
candle and hold into place with floral wire. Make sure there is a couple of
inches from the top of the candle and the top of the leaves to allow you time to
burn your candlewithout ruining the leaves.

Don’t’ forget the lighting this year! You need some abience
and to do so fill your home with autumn scented candles, the smell will fill
your home with wonderful autumn aromas and the candle light will give your home
a certain ambience! If you don’t have or don’t want to use candles you could
always use carriage lights or lanterns also.

Another idea is if you grow your own herbs In your herb
garden think of picking your herbs and adding them all around your home in small
baskets in your kitchen and living room filling your home with wonderful aromas!
And we don’t want to forget to decorate the all fun Kid table! You will want to
decorate the kid table to keep your little ones entertained while they are
waiting on everyone to finish up their meals. Since our theme is Thanksgiving
you could add a map the table as a tablecloth and add some small boats to
represent the first boats to discover

America, to add another fun touch you could have handmade
headbands for each of your kiddos laying on top of their plates! Just take
construction paper and scissors and stapler and create your headband don’t
forget to adorn it with a colorful ribbon now you have a table full of Indians.
And lastly offer small boxes of crayons so your little Indians can chart their
path on the map of where they plan to sail off too.

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