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The Holidays and Maintaining Your Weight Loss by Heather

The Holidays and Maintaining Your Weight Loss



Hi everyone, it’s Heather from Cotton Picken Prims. 
Welcome to this week’s Prim Talk Radio show.  I’ve just wrapped up my craft
shows for the season this past week and I’m happy to report they were very
successful.  I hope you’ve had the same success with your shows this year.


The holiday’s are just around the corner, my how time
flies.  Our US friends will be celebrating Thanksgiving in just a couple of
weeks and then Christmas is on the horizon a month later.  With all the family
gatherings and social parties that will be heading our way soon, it will be
difficult not to be tempted by all that turkey and delicious array of sweets
that will be offered to us.  Last year I made a New Year’s resolution to get
into shape and start eating healthier.  My goal was to loose weight.  I didn’t
start my resolution right away as with every resolution in years past would fall
by the way side before the first of February.  I waited and started my new
resolution in April.  I joined a weight loss program with a friend.  I struggled
at first and then started to see some results.  I didn’t push myself into my
goal weight too hard.  My personal goal each week was to loose one pound.  If I
lost more it was a bonus for me.  I started weighing and measuring out my food
and counting my points for the day.  I began walking and exercising daily as
well.  Just 30 minutes each day will give you simple results.  A few months
later I joined a women’s only gym and started a simple weight training and
toning workout three times a week.  Soon the pounds started to shed off.  I was
looking better, had more energy than I’d had in years and was eating healthier
meals each day.  I’ve lost just a little over 40 pounds now and it feels so
great to walk into a store and purchase items a size smaller.  I still have
about 80 more pounds to go and will get to that goal weight by the end of 2008. 
That’s my personal goal, is to be down the 80 pounds by this time next year. 
Baby steps, I call it.  One day at a time, one meal at a time.  Loosing weight
is not about being on a diet, you have to think of it as a lifestyle change.  A
lifestyle change at any age can be a challenge, but once you start seeing
results and feeling better, you will realize that this new lifestyle will make
you so much more happier and healthier. 


With the holidays approaching, I’m starting to plan ahead
for meals so that I’m not tempted to stray away from my weight loss challenge. 
I’m searching out recipes that offer a healthy alternative.  For stuffing, I’m
going to be using a low fat recipe.  Desserts will consist of low fat items or
more fruit this year.  Hey nothing wrong with a red or green jello with fruit
and a dollup of fat free cool whip on top!  I find planning ahead keeps me from
binge shopping and eating.  This will be my first Christmas on my new lifestyle
change and as with holidays that have past by this past year, I’ve found
planning ahead keeps me on my toes and allows me to still enjoy the festivities
of the season without gaining the weight I’ve lost.


You’re probably saying, Heather that’s all good for when
I’m home with family, but what about those dreaded work parties and those nights
out attending holiday parties at friend or relative houses?  Well that’s not a
problem.  A work party, you usually will know where it’s going to be held.  If
it’s going to be held at a restaurant, familiarize yourself with their menu
ahead of time and plan out a meal that will work for you.  Start with a soup or
salad and then look for a broasted chicken or non battered fish plate on the
menu.  Top it off with maybe a fruit cup for dessert.  If an alcoholic beverage
is to be served, opt for one small glass and then stick to water or
decaffeinated coffee or tea after that.  Don’t worry if you feel you aren’t
eating as much as our co-workers.  I used to feel that I had to eat huge
platefuls for that’s what others did.  Little did I know how many calories and
bad items I was putting on that fork and into my mouth.  Now I eat a little
slower than the others and it looks like I’ve had just as big a meal and still
stay to my plan for loosing weight.  Heading out to a friend’s house party? 
Don’t worry, make up a fruit bowl or a low fat cheese and cracker platter and
take it with you.  Don’t feel that you’re imposing on your host or sending the
wrong message that you don’t care for her food.  Taking your own little platter
will give you the confidence that you have something at her party that you can
eat and not feel guilty about later.  If your friend is a true friend in your
weight loss challenge, she won’t be offended at all.  Another little trick I
like to do when we’re heading out to a house party is I will have a pre party
snack.  I’ll eat one of those 100 calorie dark chocolate Aero bars (only 2
points) and will eat a small apple just before heading out the door.  In 4
points I’m good to go and won’t overindulge at the party.  While at the party,
move around and socialize.  Doing so will leave you less tempted to hit the
trays upon trays of food sitting out.  Don’t be tempted by all the wonderful
alcoholic drinks that will be available.  Those are high in points value.  Opt
for a diet soda or a fruit water.  Don’t be ashamed in bringing your own items
to drink for the night.


One of the most important elements to the holidays is to
get out and exercise.  Taking a brisk 30 minute walk after all that turkey will
make you feel so alive and will help shed those few extra pounds at the same
time.  I know with the colder weather approaching us, it’s not overly tempting
to be out there walking.  Bundle up and get out there for that walk.  Trust me
after a few minutes of walking you’ll be sweating and feeling warm in no time. 
While out strolling, enjoy your neighbour’s holiday decorations and clear your
mind.  You’ll feel so exhilarated and alive.


I hope I’ve helped give you some ideas on how to prepare
for the holiday season and not falter on your lifestyle change routine.  If you
haven’t started that new lifestyle change, give it a whirl today.  There are all
sorts of weight loss centers out there that can help you reach your goal.  Find
one that best suits your needs and jump on the wagon to a new you.  If you
started today, you could be less 10 pounds by Christmas.  It’s true.  That’s my
new goal for these next few weeks….to be less another 10 pounds before December
25th.  I’ll keep you posted on my progress.  If you have any
questions or want more information on my personal quest to a new me, drop me a
line.  You can reach me through Prim Talk Radio here or through my website,
Cotton Picken Prims.  You can find us on the web at:
   .   I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s segment. 
Start planning for those holiday meals and gatherings now and let me know how
you’re progressing with your new lifestyle change!  Till next week everyone,
have a great week!  



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