Saturday, May 05, 2007

Top Sites - Is There Really a Benefit?

Top sites - Is there really a benefit?

By Angela Wenke

If you have had online business for long then you have noticed on sites the cute little logos saying "Vote For Us" , but what really are top sites and will they really help your business be noticed? Top sites are everywhere you look, seems like everyone who owns a business also has a top sites account, therefore how do you know which ones should you join?

Top sites in my opinion are a wonderful "FREE" Resource of targeted traffic to your website. What I mean by targeted traffic is each top site has a theme such as country and primitive. The people browsing those top sites are looking for country and primitives and therefore would be interested in visiting your site if you banner and description are catchy enough. Traffic to your site is key, if you want your site to be seen and noticed and to eventually grow in the Search Engine Rankings and Top sites are wonderful FREE way to achieve this. Top sites allow customers to visit your site, join your top sites if you offer one, and even vote for your site to help boost you higher on that particular top site.

The key to making top sites work towards advertising your business is join ONLY top sites that are geared towards what you sell. For instance if you sell crafts and primitives then you would to join Primitive, Country and Crafts Top sites not top sites that cater to auto parts. When deciding what category your site fits do your research and ONLY join top sites that are in your category and also that are ranked high in GOOGLE.

Go to GOOGLE and type in what kind of top sites you are looking for, for example "primitive top sites. country top sites, craft top sites, candle top sites, graphics top sites, bath n body top sites" then join the top ten in each category that fits your business needs. Now when customers go to search for a particular product you might sell such as "candles" their search results should also include your candle top sites you just joined.

Voting for your top sites is also a nice way to make sure your site is seen an noticed, by just voting for your sites once a day or every other day it helps to boost your site to the number one position in the top sites voting system. Also make sure you offer a page for your customers to visit your top sites and hopefully give you a vote in the process. You will be surprised how many votes you will receive from customers some of them interested in searching top sites or maybe just joining that top sites. Either way works for you as you are getting the votes you need to keep your site seen and noticed.

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Wenke of Prim Talk Radio, Heartland Marketplace, Primitive
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