Saturday, August 30, 2008

Prim Friends Network

Looking to promote your craft business website or blog for free?
Whether you craft primitive, whimsy, vintage or shabby chic... Prim Friends Network is the place to visit & network from.
Each week a crafter will be featured and there will be a drawing for a give-a-way.
If you are interested in 'networking', send Shari, the owner of Prim Friends Network your 125x125 button banner. In return you need to set up a Prim Friends Network link on your site. This can be text only, or you can be as elaborate as you would like with pictures, banners, etc. The only requirement is that you do it! This is a Network and it doesn't work if it's members don't "Network"!
Let's work together to promote crafting AND your business! Visit Prim Friends Network today!


Wood n' Whimsy said...

Hi Angie, hope all is well with you and things are getting settled. I just love, love, love Prim Friends Network and think Shari is fantabulous! Come on over and enter to win Jewelry on my latest Giveaway at my Wood n' Whimsy Blog. You get to pick out your own prize! God Bless, Celene

Liz said...

This sound really great I will have to mark and check the link

Loren Arnolds said...

Is it still on-going? I believe most people start up their own blog first before putting up a website. The over-all design contributes to its effectiveness, as I've visited a lot of really beautiful crafty blogs. And those giveaways got me hooked, too. I'll tell my best friend about Prim Friends Network when I visit her in Cincinnati next week. Thanks!