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Create Your Own Crafting Space

If you are at the place where your crafting is becoming more than a passive hobby, it may be time to consider having your own space in which to craft. This space can come in many forms but the important thing is that you need a space of your own.

Many crafters start out working at their dining room table or kitchen. However, most of them eventually find they long to have separate space. Crafting at the dining room or kitchen table can work for small projects that are completed fairly quickly. As you get into projects that require more time to complete, you will find that the clutter left in those rooms can quickly become overwhelming. Plus your family members may not appreciate the clutter of your crafts in a room that is utilized by everyone. It may be time to seek out a solution and create your own crafting space.

A lot of crafters may be limited to they type of space available to them. Perhaps they don’t have a spare bedroom they could use. In cases like this you have to get creative.

Let us explore some of the creative spaces you might consider.

1. Attic
An attic can be an ideal space if it’s easily accessible, like a walk up attic. Be sure your attic is cool enough in the summer. Also, make sure there enough head room for you to stand up. Attics can be delightful spaces in which to craft especially if they are large enough and have windows for natural lighting.

2. Large Walk In Closet
Some homes have very large walk in closets that can be easily turned into an ideal crafting space. Be sure there is access to electrical outlets and that you have enough space to place a work desk and storage.

3. Large Outdoor Shed
If you don’t have any ideal options for a crafting space inside your home, consider an outdoor shed, preferably one that is insulated and made from wood. Sheds can be purchased in various sizes ranging from 8 x 8 feet all the way up to 10 x 15 feet on average. If you do not already have a shed in your backyard, purchasing one may be an alternative. If you or your husband is handy in carpentry, you could also build your own. It’s important that your shed is wired for electric and meets all the safety standards. Check with your local county for more information. A outdoor shed can be as simple or elaborate as you want and can be delightful crafting spaces.

4. Basements
If you have a finished basement that is comfortable and has access to a lot of natural light, this may be an ideal option. Basements that are dark, cold and uninviting are usually not good options. You don’t want to feel like you are descending into a dungeon each time you go down to craft. Remember that your craft space should be a pleasant place to work.

5. In Plain Sight
Perhaps you live in a apartment, loft or small home where additional space poses quite a challenge. In cases like this you may need to consider creating your crafting space in plain sight, sort of. Consider using room dividers to create a separate space in a existing room. The dividers will not only separate your crafting space from living space but they will also serve to hide any craft related clutter.

Regardless of the location you choose for your crafting space, it’s important to remember to make it a inspiring place in which to create. Once you have determined the location, consider the following.

1. Natural light or the ability to create enough artificial light is a must.
2. Be sure there is adequate space to allow for storage of your supplies.
3. Consider wall colors that will create a light and pleasant crafting space.
4. Decorate your space to surround yourself with things that inspire you.
5. Think about if you want access to a radio, TV or phone in your space.

Even if you may not have the ideal crafting space, you can create a wonderful work place with a little imagination.

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